About Greece

Whether you have visited the country before or not, most of you are familiar with Greece’s diverse beauties…from the majestic mountains to the unique islands and crystal clear blue waters, the radiant sun, the wild night life and the breathtaking views. Greece is also known for the insanely amazing food and wine. From the olive oil to feta cheese and the famous Cretan raki.

Known as the birthplace for Democracy, creator of the Olympic Games and a fascinating history in philosophy, art and architecture that has inspired modern civilization today, Greece is without a doubt considered one of the most popular tourist attractions world-wide and the place to be!




We design one-of-a-kind travel experiences. Every one’s needs are different and so are yours. We handcraft the trip of YOUR dreams. No matter how long it takes, we will make this perfect for you.



We’ve got plenty of ideas and we think outside the box! The magical part of putting together an amazing itinerary is going beyond the ordinary- no matter how challenging, we turn a vacation into a meaningful experience.



We travel around the country continuously in pursuit of the exceptional and unforgettable! This makes us very well connected. We know the hidden gems and insider secrets and we make sure you get the most of Greece.



If you’re looking for a private escape, we’ve got your back. From remote hotels and villas to private jets and yachts, we arrange everything from point A to Z in total discretion.



With our TBW Concierge service, you have access to your very own Personal Concierge while traveling. Available around the clock to curate any requests you may have, from last minute changes or requests to booking private dinners and VIP every aspect of your trip.



Only a text away – We monitor all services in a prompt matter, should anything arise while traveling, just text us and we deal with it on the spot. We consider every detail of your trip so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.



You’ll just have to wait and see

Why TBW for a wellness experience?

TBW works with a vast network of professional providers all
over Greece, to guarantee a unique and enhancing Wellness
Experience. We are able to answer all of your questions, give
you detailed quotes and offer full packages including flights,
private transfers, tours and accommodation, including our 24/7
support while traveling

Vital Contacts

Knowing the right people is vital, and our years of experience have enabled us to have great relations with exclusive providers and wellness experts, which allows us to offer A-Class services at competitive rates.

Bespoke Experience

We do much more than just book you a spa. Our custom services mean that we go above and beyond the ordinary. We offer all inclusive packages and cover all details of your trip, from your arrival to departure

Geia sas!

I am Danae, Founder and CEO of Travel Beyond Wellness and I am more than happy to introduce you to my background and to an alternative escape to Greece.

I was born and raised in Montreal Canada. I studied Tourism and since 1998, I have worked for some incredible companies in the industry. My career started in the hotel business where I worked for many years. I then pursued a change of path in the DMC sector as a Concierge/Customer Support agent. This gave me the ability to connect with all clients and providers putting me in the position to coordinate ones travels. My experience has taught me to evaluate what each client is looking for and to deliver exceptional services no matter what the case. To be able to meet and exceed one’s travel expectations brings me great joy and true satisfaction. 

Upon my return to Greece, I discovered not only the country’s beauties, the hidden gems, the insider secrets, but also other reasons why someone should pay a visit to this country. Greece is a true Paradise when it comes to Medical & Wellness Travels. A healing haven! I am a strong believer that self-care is crucial, and that an ultimate wellness getaway can transform lives and inspire happiness. I am delighted to welcome you to our website and introduce you to our authentic and rejuvenating travel experiences.

Welcome to Travel Beyond Wellness!


“Where there’s HOPE, there’s always a way.”

The “ELPIDA – Association of Friends of Children with cancer” was founded in 1990 by a group of inspirational women, with Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinoyannis, as the President of the Board of the Association. Its aim is to support children with cancer and their families in every possible way. Always guided by love, care and responsibility for our fellow human beings «ELPIDA» aims to fight for children and with children against childhood cancer, through any possible means. Since its foundation until today, «ELPIDA» has fought to improve childhood cancer statistics through the implementation of lifesaving research, personalized treatments, welfare programmes and the provision of psychological support to the children and their families. Our work has enabled systemic change across institutions, media and the public in Greece and will continue to do so by setting and attaining new goals dictated by new needs in the field of childhood cancer. Powered by the children’s courage and the outstanding support from the Greek and international community, this important project continues to evolve dynamically and innovatively.

Since the moment I founded this Company, my vision has been to build a healthy organization which would someday give me the opportunity to support a cause that I hold very dear to my heart.
Elpida (meaning Hope) Association is one of the most serious charity organizations in Greece. Since 1990, it has significantly contributed to the fight against child cancer having built the Children’s Oncology Unit, a bone marrow unit, a guest house to accommodate the children and their parents during children’s treatment in the hospital and numerous funded projects that focus on the development of innovative treatments.
Wanting to give back to my community, a percentage from each of our bookings is donated to Elpida Association and in this way, we give you, our clients, the chance to also contribute to a charity that is dedicated to these children and their families.

Danae Pigounaki.

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