Beyond Authentic

8 nights / 9 days

Northern Greece

Key Facts


A Journey to an Absolute Authentic Experience in Northern Greece is about to begin!

Imagine there was a hidden world that could be unveiled at the touch of a button. Would you press it? Of course you would! Who wouldn’t? As a matter of fact, we do so repeatedly, joyfully, the way a familiar but unexpected smell triggers a fond memory. 

Let us show you what an authentic local travel experience looks like in our neck of the woods. 


  • 1 night Thessaloniki – 4 nights Nymphaio – 2 nights Kastoria – 1 night Meteora
  • Accommodation: 6 nights in Traditional Guesthouses & 2 in 5-Star Hotels of your choice
  • Daily Breakfast, Snacks and Dinner
  • Round Trip Private Transfers throughout your stay

Private Experiences

  • Thessaloniki City Secrets Private Tour
  • Visit the Royal burial cluster of Philip II (father to Alexander the Great)
  • Wine Tasting at Ktima Kir - Yianni
  • Learning the history / culture of the village Game
  • Visit Arcturos Bear and Wolf Sanctuaries
  • Truffle / Mushroom foraging
  • VIP Wine Tasting at Alpha Estate
  • Local herbs & spices / Local Pie making workshop (season dependent)
  • Wine Tasting at Domaine Karanika & Dinner with variety of mezes
  • Traditional Greek dance lessons - music night
  • Byzantine Kastoria
  • Psarades village - boat tour - Agios Achilleios island)
  • Visit the Watermill in Agios Germanos
  • 4Χ4 Road Trip in Grevena
  • Meteora Monasteries

Itinerary Details


Arrival in Thessaloniki

Upon arrival at Thessaloniki Airport you will be met by your private driver who will take you to your luxury hotel.

Mid-Day Break

Greek Iced coffee / Frappe with “Koulouri” or “Mpougatsa”

Greek iced coffee or Frappe is a Greek novelty. Though readily available literally anywhere in Greece, it’s almost unknown to anyone who hasn’t visited Greece or has no Greek relatives. A refreshing note to your break. Accompanied by “Koulouri” (traditional Greek pretzel, dusted with sesame seeds) or “Mpougatsa” (unique warm and crunchy pastry) is an opportunity that can’t be missed. 

Private Evening Tour: Thessaloniki City Secrets

We’ll show you the thriving food and culture spots of Thessaloniki that reflect the pulse of Greek people’s hearts – bustling, warm and full of life! Throughout the tour you will enjoy stories about Greek culture, customs and traditions and immerse into the richness of local life, while taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the different areas of the city. 

Dinner by the Sea 

Dinner at one of the most authentic restaurants in the city overlooking Thermaikos bay. Sunset views in Greece’s most romantic city, as southern Greeks love to call it, will be adding a scarlet tinted backdrop to a fulfilling experience. 

Free time (special night out arrangements also available) 

A walk on the longest esplanade in the Balkans to get a feeling of the Urban Pulse, while merging with the locals. A way to live and breathe the greatest city of Northern Greece. 




Thessaloniki – Nymfaio 

830-10AM An authentic Breakfast with endless sea views 

Enjoy your Greek breakfast or choose from an International tastes buffet with a variety of fresh hand-made pastry suggestions. 

10AM Departure for Vergina 

1130AM Visit the Royal burial cluster of Philip II (father to Alexander the Great) 

The museum of the tumulus of Philip II was built over the tombs leaving them in situ and showing the tumulus as it was before the excavations. It is one of the most impressive museums one will get to visit during their stay in Greece. 

Mid-Day Break: Greek iced coffee /Frappe

3-6PM Wine Tasting at Ktima Kir – Yianni 

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Kir-Yianni vineyards nestled on the rolling slopes of mount Vermion, stroll amid Xinomavro vines, taste the wines right in the place where they are produced, and get acquainted with the Boutaris family legacy. The varied topography, the wide range of altitude and the diverse soil types create different mesoclimates, where Xinomavro, the indigenous grape variety of the area with the amazing ability to reflect its terroir, gives very different expressions of its potential. 

730PM Dinner at “Thomas” Taverna

At “Thomas” the expression “spoilt for choice” is taken to a whole different level. With more than 40 different dishes daily and a selection of more than 30 cheeses and 520 different wines you will definitely get to taste what will become your favorite Greek dish ever. 

10PM Arrival at your destination, Nymfaio – La Moara Guesthouse 

La Moara is a member of the Historic Hotels of Europe and an imposing mansion with unique characteristics such as its “messandra” bathrooms. The guesthouse is characteristic of the renowned old mansions in all their splendor and authenticity. Its interior combines the glittering tradition with the most modern comforts. It is surrounded by a large alpine meadow, gardens and spruces. 



Nymfaio – History & Heritage – Arcturos 

830-10AM – Traditional breakfast with locally sourced produce 

La Moara owners and kitchen staff, will have you drooling over their recipes. Traditional pies and homemade confits are always the order of the day. 

10AM -1PM Learning the history / culture of the village Game 

A purpose – built tour to introduce the history, architecture and culture of the Nymfaio village and its people. The “waymen”, guardians of the most important Imperial road, the Via Egnatia, who turned into the most prominent silversmiths and goldsmiths in the Balkans and later on into Tobacco merchants left their mark on the finely decorated mansions, the magnificent Saint Nicholas Church and the monumental Nikeios School, the likes of which could very rarely be found, if at all, in the whole of Greece. 

1-2PM Mid-Day Break for Tsipouro & mezes

A midday break – under the shade of a tree in the summer or in a cozy place in the winter – accompanied by high quality Tsipouro (strong distilled spirit, usually offered as an aperitif and accompanied by olives, fresh onions, cucumbers and various local meze – nibbles) is an old Greek tradition that can be traced back to the 14th century. 

2-4PM Visit Arcturos Bear and Wolf Sanctuaries 

Seeing brown bears in forested enclosures, where bears rescued from poor captive conditions can spend their remaining years in a natural environment, is a rare and fulfilling experience. 


6-8PM Outdoor dinner on the mountains (season & weather dependent) 

Atmospheric dinner at 1500m above sea level. A noble Nivestian past time activity, particularly when the weather was good. Locally sourced food, cooked with meraki (an amalgamation of love and skill) accompanied by excellent local wine, at breathtaking surroundings. 



Nymfaio – Alpha Estate 

830-10AM Traditional breakfast with locally sourced produce 

10AM-1230PM Truffle / Mushroom foraging 

Depending on the season, we may be able to go truffle or mushroom foraging in the nearby forests, explore the best ways to use them and learn how to cook a heavenly delicacy. 

1230-2PM Delicious Truffle / Mushroom feast (midday break) Time to taste that gourmet delicacy you just foraged. 

230-430PM VIP Wine Tasting at Alpha Estate 

Alpha Estate is the biggest winery in Greece and broadly represents “The new begin- ning”, the “birth” of a new era in the world of Greek wine. Our VIP wine tasting session will give you the chance to sample more than 14 different wines. Angelos Iatridis (the winemaker) was nominated for Winemaker of the Year 2014 by Wine Enthusiast Mag- azine! 

6-8PM Dinner at “Kontosoros” Restaurant/Tavern 

The late Nikos Kontosoros – owner and chef – had been running one of the best restaurants in Greece off the tourist trail but just a stone’s throw away from where we will be staying. His wife and daughter have now taken over determined to protect his unique approach to re-inventing traditional Greek recipes. Dinner at Kontosoros makes for a truly unforgettable tasting experience. 

930-11PM Star Gazing Night (season & weather dependent) 

Up in the mountains, with almost non-existent light pollution, stargazing can be quite an experience. With the help and guidance of the local Stargazing club, wishing upon a star, while sipping your wine, could potentially make some of your dreams come true. 



Nymfaio – Domaine Karanikas 

830-10AM Traditional breakfast with locally sourced produce 

10AM-1230PM Local herbs & spices / Local Pie making workshop (season dependent) 

Food workshops will teach you how and why those scrumptious local pies (pittes) and/ or freshly baked bread taste so heavenly. After all the pies you personally bake smell and taste better, as with all things you put a little effort into. 

Mid-Day Break: 1230 – 2PM A piece (maybe two) of local pie and a cup of herbal tea

Tasting the fruits of your labour gives you a sense of accomplishment. Not to worry if the results aren’t the expected ones, however. After all, it’s only your first try. We’ll make sure we have a proper one ready for you just in case. 

330-730PM Wine Tasting at Domaine Karanika & Dinner with variety of mezes 

Domaine Karanika is a small winery that relies on gravity instead of pumps and filters, true to Karanika’s winemaking philosophy of following nature rather than trying to control it. Domaine Karanika produces the finest quality sparkling wines in its organic/ biodynamic vineyards in total harmony with nature without any concession to the health of people and the earth. In Evan Turner’s own words, “It’s just glorious. Line it up, next to Champagne, or anything sparkling; I’d put it up against whatever you got.” 

8PM Return to La Moara Guesthouse 

830-10PM Traditional Greek dance lessons – music night 

Join the circle, hold each other’s hands and follow the steps of the lead dancer (instructor). Get the chance to learn how to move to the rhythm of Greek folk and celebrate life the way Greeks do. 




830-10AM Traditional breakfast with locally sourced produce 


10AM Departure for Kastoria 

1130AM Arrival in Kastoria and at Orologopoulos Guesthouse 

The old mansion of Orologopoulos family (first elected mayor of Kastoria), built in the 19th century, has been lovingly restored with the use of special materials, construction methods and morphological features. Located at the historical district of Doltso with its paved alleys, elaborate mansions and stone-built houses adorned with all sorts of flow- ers creates the feeling of a journey back in time. 

Mid-Day Break

12-1PM Tsipouro & mezes

Dinnos, the owner of a unique jewel – Idees Art Cafe – located at the heart of the oldest district in Kastoria (Doltso), takes pride in his scrumptious snacks which he prepares with “meraki” (greek word for love and care) and deep knowledge of what the area has to offer. Be sure to savour every bite! 


1-530PM Byzantine Kastoria – Guided Tour 

The Belgian historian Henri Grégoire once said that “if the Byzantine tradition is ever lost, the city of Kastoria is enough to recover it.” A tour designed to uncover the natural, historic and architectural secrets of the “lake’s byzantine princess”. The tour will take us from the Neolithic era, through the classical antiquity, through the Byzantine era and, finally, to modern day kastoria. 

6-8PM Dinner by the lake 

Kastoria is full of aromas and traditional dishes, with fresh seasonal ingredients. Take your time indulging in the moment, while tasting dishes that carry the truth of culinary traditions dating back to the city’s glorious Byzantine past. 

9-1030PM Kastoria by night



Day 7

Prespa Lakes

830-10AM Traditional breakfast with locally sourced produce 

Sideris, the owner of Orologopoulos guesthouse takes great pride in his homemade pies and local cheeses. 

10AM Departure for Prespa Lakes 

Retreating glaciers and a series of seismic phenomena have created a magical world of unmatched beauty, Prespa lakes (Great Prespa & small Prespa), the two highest tectonic lakes in the Balkans. 

11:30 – 14:00 Guided Tour (Psarades village – boat tour – Agios Achilleios island) 

Our tour will take us to the north most Greek village of Psarades, where we’ll catch a boat to hermitages and retreats with frescoes painted on the steep rocks. 60% of the lake belongs to North Macedonia, 22% to Greece and 18% to Albania. The most important hermitage in the area, Panagia Eleousa (1409 AD) is one of the hidden gems in the area. A 650 m floating footbridge connects the mainland with Saint Achilleios – only the second inhabited island in a lake after the Ioannina islet – where the three-aisled Basilica of Saint Achilles dating from the late 10th century AD dominates the scenery. 

Mid-Day Break 2-3PM Local Herbal Tea / Greek coffee with local sweet delicacy

A midday break – under the shade of a tree in the summer or in a cozy place in the winter – accompanied by a piece of local homemade pie and local herbal tea – is all you need to replenish your energy and revive your spirits. 

3-530PM Visit the Watermill in Agios Germanos 

Out of 20 watermills in Prespes’ region, the watermill in the village of Agios Germanos is the only one which has been fully restored. The Society for the Protection of Prespa undertook to create a “living monument” of the region’s industrial heritage as well as reinstate the production of edible flour, which would in turn enhance and support traditional occupations in the village and the cultiva- tion of organic cereals in the surrounding area. 

6-8PM Dinner in Mikrolimni village 

Dinner by the Small Prespa Lake at a traditional tavern, run by a family that takes visi- tors on a simple, yet delicious local produce tasty trip. 

930PM Return to Orologopoulos Guesthouse (rest & relaxation) 





830-10AM Traditional breakfast with locally sourced produce 

Sideris, the owner of Orologopoulos guesthouse takes great pride in his homemade pies and local cheeses. 

10AM Departure for Grevena – the land of the Mushrooms 

Grevena is a natural paradise. More than 1300 species of mushrooms are grown here! We will be driving through picturesque villages, visiting the highest village in Greece and stopping to take photos at some of the most breathtaking places in the Country, like Dotsiko stone arch bridge, the only one in a village. 

1-2PM Tsipouro & mezes (midday break) 

A midday break – under the shade of a tree in the summer or in a cozy place in the win- ter – accompanied by high quality Tsipouro (strong distilled spirit, usually offered as an aperitif and accompanied by olives, fresh onions, cucumbers and various local meze – nibbles) is an old Greek tradition that can be traced back to the 14th century. 

2-530PM 4Χ4 Road Trip in Grevena 

The beauty and tranquility of the natural environment in Northern Greece is such that you can’t resist venturing into exciting activities. What’s more, activities and road trips provide the best ways of experiencing the landscape you’re travelling through. Our road trip will take us to villages such as Ziakas and Spilaio, on 4×4 vehicles and to locations such as the Portitsa stone arch bridge, which takes its name from the Latin word “Porta”, meaning Gate. It literally is the Gate to a ravine. 

6-8PM Dinner at “Thodoros” 

Thodoros, the owner of the traditional tavern in Spilaio village knows how to welcome guests with a variety of locally sourced freshly prepared dishes. 

930PM Arriving at the hotel at Meteora – Spending the night under Meteora Rocks 

Departure for Meteora, where we will be spending the night, under the spectacular rock formations of Meteora, where one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox Monasteries is built. A worldwide unique monument. 



Meteora – Athens 

530-9AM First light up on Meteora Monasteries – visit / shooting (season depending) 

Waking up at dawn to capture the sheer beauty of these magnificent geological forma- tions is a rare opportunity. Divine creation meets human ingenuity. Get your cameras rolling! Early morning packed breakfast is included. 

11:00 Departure for Athens 

14:00 – 15:00 Tsipouro & fish mezes by the sea –Surprise!


17:00 – 17:30 Arrival in Athens 



Let us know the kind of adventure you are dreaming of and we will simply make it reality. We design unique bespoke experiences, based entirely on your needs. Fill us in on the details and we will turn your wellbeing goals to a mind-blowing experience. “



We had a truly transformative week in Greece! Thank you Danae, for planning this for us. The villa was to die for – the owner was literally spoiling us –everything was top notch, from the love and care at the time of planning, to the trainers and chef who took excellent care of us . My regards to Mrs.Myrto who kept us clean and always had a smiling face. It was by far our best adventure we have had so far! I can't recommend your people enough! I will call you soon for our next retreat. Love, Peter


What can I say..Thank you TBW for our amazing yoga retreat. This was truly an unforgettable experience. My girlfriends and I frequently have yoga retreat getaways but this was by far the best. The retreat was so well organized that we had enough free time to visit around the island.

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